Tuesday, July 21

Fit to work, but can’t work

Now this is interesting, just because you are disabled or sick doesnt mean you cannot work. The government is trying to get people off the sickness rolls and into work. I quote:

More than two-thirds of applicants for sickness benefits are being rejected under a new testing regime, casting doubt on the validity of 2.6m existing claimants deemed unfit for work. According to data seen by several welfare industry figures, up to 90 per cent of applicants are being judged able to work in some regions and placed on unemployment rolls rather than long-term ill-health benefits. Every person returning to work would reduce the £12.5bn total bill of incapacity benefit and start to pay some income tax and national insurance.

I realise this is at a bad time because the recession is there and not so many jobs around, but the principle is fine and dandy. No reason to stop looking for jobs. What we need to do is to put in a time limit on welfare assistance, say 5 years. Surely that’s enough, no? See here for a good paper.


And then again, you have people like this:

Debi Wendes, 52, has resorted to standing in pearls and a smart navy shift dress in the middle of a busy shopping precinct, holding a sign asking for work.

The former accounts manager from Chelmsford, Essex, decided to take action after learning the temporary work which has kept her going is due to run out on Friday. She has had a sign made up with a cartoon picture of herself on the front, listing her CV. It reads: "I'm looking for work! Sales support, executive assistant, customer service, call centre, salary exp. £17k

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