Friday, July 24

Kenyan Corruption

This was an excellent step. And please, no comments about US imperialism and stupid stuff like that. If the USA is actually assisting in the reduction of corruption, then that is very good. When was the last time you heard a communist or Arab or Muslim government doing all this for corruption, eh? So lets get back to this point. The fact is that Kenya is seriously corrupt and as usual, the rot starts from the top.

Nothing strange, we see this kind of behaviour in the UK (Members of Parliament taking money to ask questions, was anybody convicted of bribery? no), in India (a significant proportion of the MP's and politicians have assets disproportionate to their earnings), and in the USA (governors selling senate seat nominations). Go figure, but we need to fight this, and from that perspective, this is excellent news, more is needed, people need to think that this is bad and sad. Throw these bums out.

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