Wednesday, July 8

Hindu American Foundation are wrong about meat eating Hindu’s

So Burger King used the image of a Hindu Goddess to put a play on the sacred.


Then we have this strange Hindu American Foundation getting all upset about this. Ok, this is what bewildered me.

Hindu depictions of divinity in the form of Gods and Goddesses are sacred to Hindus and the use or consumption of meat in a religious context is generally proscribed.  In fact, Hinduism has the highest proportion of vegetarians among the major religious traditions. 

Now obviously, the chaps have absolutely no idea about Hinduism and the fact that meat eating is perfectly fine in Hinduism, has been for thousands of years and a huge number of Hindu’s merrily eat meat. As it so happens, most of the coastal Hindu’s are very happy with eating fish meat or other forms of meat. Proscribed? goodness me, guys, learn about your own religion, please. What proscription are you talking about? Yes, some people are vegetarians, but not all and that is due to belief not proscription. Plus since when did Hinduism proscribe? Its almost like this conversation is being held by a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim whose holy books proscribe, ban, forbid stuff and you are supposed to follow them like a metronome. Bah. And then they compare it with Mexico complaining about usage of their flag. Bizarre. Clueless. And why is an American organisation getting excited about a Spanish Hindu? how weird.

They claim to promote Understanding, Tolerance and Pluralism. By not understanding the history of meat eating, by being intolerant and ignorant of non vegetarians in Hinduism and not being Pluralistic in understanding the concept of godhead and basically being frankly humourless, they should really think again. Silly buggers. God knows when they will get some common sense to realise that all that this makes is to make them look idiotic and silly. So Burger King, you dont need to apologise, just send them the usual pap of a letter and ignore them. Silly gits.


Gallimaufry said...

The best thing about being a Hindu is that everything, including the morality of the presiding deities, can be taken with a pinch of salt! I find these sanctimonious right-wing loonies really tiresome. Could they please loosen up a bit?

BD said...

maybe we should send them some pink chaddies :)

Rohit_Verma said...

U make fun of such things, hindu gods and godesses, right!!!! nobody says a word, thats coz hindus are tolerant about such petty issues. u know wat " why dont u write a few words about prophet mommhed, similar to the once they picturise and potray about hindu gods, i am sure in a couple of hours there will be a big bounty for ur head!!!!

BD said...


I suggest you re-read what I wrote because it is very clear that you have got hold of the wrong end of the stick.

And good heavens, have a grown up argument, comparing Gods with a Prophet? Do you understand the difference?

Anonymous said...


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