Thursday, July 9

Walling off Saudi Arabia

Heh, i dont think anybody will be calling this as wrong, would they? Not when its Saudi Arabia doing it, lol. But look at the map, its surrounded with neighbours who are pretty mean and has issues with quite a lot of them.


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Yemen we know, they have had fights, across the water, they had fights with Egypt but now its ok, Iraq is full of messy characters, over on the other side, they have Iran. Bahrain and rest of the tiny UAE and other bits are ok, but its an interesting response indeed. I quote:

Saudi Arabia on Wednesday moved to bolster security along its borders with Iraq and Yemen with the award of a contract to build a 9,000km security system.

The project – awarded to EADS, the European aerospace and defence group – is also intended to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into the country.

In March, EADS and Al-Rasheed Trading Contracting, its Saudi partner, were awarded a contract to construct a fence along Saudi Arabia’s 900km border with Iraq. Wednesday’s announcement adds a further 8,000km of security fence to the project.

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