Tuesday, July 7

Uganda bans female circumcision

This is good news indeed. See previous blogpost about this horrible disgusting practise. And I liked what President Museveni says (even though appealing to God for this basic human right of not being mutilated isn't really my cup of tea), God made this body, who are you to muck it up? I quote:

KAMPALA — Uganda will pass a law banning female genital mutilation, which is rampant among pastoralist tribes in the country’s eastern region, the president said in a statement Friday.
Uganda fights circumcision rite
"The way God made it, there is no part of a human body that is useless," President Yoweri Museveni told a gathering in the eastern Karamoja district.
"Now you people interfere with God’s work. Some say it is culture. Yes, I support culture but you must support culture that is useful and based on scientific information," he added.
Last year, the United Nations passed a resolution that called female genital mutilation a violation of the rights of women and said it constituted "irreparable, irreversible abuse."
The resolution also said female circumcision increases the risk of HIV transmission, as well as maternal and infant mortality. The UN estimates that between 100 million to 140 million worldwide have undergone the practice.

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