Sunday, August 16

Go work in the laundry room to earn high amounts

I am going to suggest that my son forget about his ideas about becoming a software entrepreneur or a stock broker and go become a laundry operator. Seems like being one helps you to reach the top of the earnings league. (h/t: Lahar). I quote:

Guess who is the highest paid employee at the Taj Hotel, Colaba? It is not its corporate chef Hemant Oberoi. It is not the executive director (finance) Anil Goel. It is not even the general manager and 26/11 hero Karambir Singh Kang. Ok, now, hold your breath. That employee is P P Saher, a senior operator at its laundry division. Saher draws Rs 1.5 crore per annum. That is Rs 12,50,000 a month. That is Rs 41,666 a day. That is Rs 5,208 an hour, per eight-hour shift.

This is the hotel which was attacked by the Pakistani terrorists and has been on the news.


He is obviously a cleaning god as he is the top fourth earning man in the company. So you have the Managing Director, the COO, the CIO and then the laundry man. Very good. Very nice. How interesting now?

btw: the laundry man is also the general secretary of the Indian Hotels Company Employees’ Union. Not that that has anything to do with it. Of course not, the very idea. Its his ability to turn a sheet inside the drier or to iron the shirt which has everything to do with his salary :)

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Mr. D said...

I can't resist but make the ob comment about him washing someone's dirty laundry.