Friday, August 21


Now here’s a bit of an issue for Europe. On the doorstep of Europe, in a place which saw vicious civil war, thousands dead and billions of Euro’s spent on trying to improve the economy, we end up with a situation that 3 our of 4 young Kosovars are unemployed and 1/3 are looking to immigrate.

This is a double whammy, you get the picture that the original investment in Kosovo has not worked and on the other hand, as usual, the immigration problem is going to increase in western Europe. The far right has already picked up this story and is running with it on the blogs and mailing lists. I quote:

In Kosovo, 73% of young people are unemployed, and a survey has shown that a third of them are prepared to leave the country in search of fortune elsewhere. According to daily newspaper Koha Ditore, there is an increasing trend amongst young people to emigrate. The paper believes that this shows the authorities' inability to respond to the requests and needs of young Kosovars.

Not sure this has reached the upper reaches of the European political scene, who are busy being undemocratic over the Irish constitutional vote. That’s another interesting exercise. We, the political heads of Europe, are fully democratic, you will keep on voting till you vote the way we want you to vote. Like Henry Ford, eh? you can have any colour you want as long as its black. Bah!

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