Saturday, August 22

Holy Cow in the Holy Land!

You couldn't make this up even if you tried. First time I have heard about Hindu’s burying a damn cow, holy or not.

BEIRUT, AUGUST 20 - After days of controversy between Lebanon and Israel, a sacred cow that died in the disputed territory between the two countries, monitored by Indian UNIFIL (the UN force in southern Lebanon) soldiers has finally been buried, "with all honours" according to Hindu ritual. Beirut daily an Nahar reported today that the animal carcass was buried near the Hassan Gate, a disputed area not far from the hills of Kfar Shuba in the eastern area of the interim border, by Indian soldiers after they "prayed for the cow, sprinkled it with salt, and then covered it with a white cloth".

The animal fell into a small depression in the land about a week ago after crossing from the zone occupied by Israel and entering into Lebanese territory controlled by UNIFIL soldiers in search of water. The carcass then was preyed upon by birds and wild animals, but no one from either of the countries had any intention of moving it. It was then buried by Indian UNIFIL soldiers, who are almost all Hindu, making the cow a sacred animal to them that must be buried with all honours.

Truly the mind boggles. This middle east area is truly and completely buggered up. Talk about being stupid…

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