Thursday, September 17

Christianity and Untouchability

I was sent this email by this All India Christian Council (dont ask, strange are the ways of mailing lists).

All India Christian  Council

Dalit News Update

A coalition birthed in 1998 to protect and serve the Christian Community, Minorities, and the Oppressed Castes

Vol. II, Issue No. 19, 14 September 2009

Dear Friend of AICC,

Greeting to you from All India Christian Council ,

We are glad to give you the information on the stories of Dalit Issues time to time, We hope to recieve your feed-backs and suggestions on the different Issues in regard to Dalit plight. Thanks again for your involvement in helping the down trodden specially the dalits in our country and hope to bring freedom and dignity to the Dalits of India.

We are sending the five most recent articles on our website, we want to keep you informed, and hope you will visit our website:- regularly or subscribe to a feed in order to get the latest information. We appreciate your partnership and interest in down trodden in India.

With Best Wishes,


"Caste-based discrimination eclipses democracy"

Unsociability is result of State’s failure to provide equality to Dalits: Brinda  
CPI (M) Polit Bureau member Brinda Karat addressing a meeting on `Unsociability and Implementation of Legal Provisions,’ held in Madurai on Friday.

SC/ST Act brings little relief to victims, say Dalit activists

JAIPUR: Dalit activists attending a State-level dialogue on the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, here on Wednesday suggested several amendments to the Rules of 1995 framed under the legislation to ensure a prompt and fair probe into crimes against Dalits and render speedy justice to the victims of persecution.
Speakers at the dialogue, organised by the National Campaign for Dalit Human Rights and other Dalit groups, expressed concern over the abysmally low conviction rate under the SC/ST Act and noted that no change in the condition of Dalits had been witnessed during the past 20 years of the statute being in force primarily due to its “weak implementation”.

So I wrote back to them (I desisted from pointing out spelling mistakes on their email anyway, lol):

why are you guys sending news of Dalit's? Curious that you want to speak about Hindu Dalilts...Or do you mention Christian Dalits? and if the later, how can they be Christian Dalits? Christianity doesnt believe in untouchability.

Pretty confusing of these Christians, no? Either they aren't Christians or they are not dalits or if they are, then they are Hindu Dalits. While there is no problem at all with a Christian organisation standing up for anybody, but why call them as Christian Dalits? I am not clear about this organisation at all, very shady. Lets see what they respond back…

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