Tuesday, September 15

How the government steals your money

Its your government, its your public sector, its your wallet. Here’s what it takes from the cost of a visit to a salon.


Almost 50% of the damn bill goes to the various tax authorities. Here’s some horrifying numbers from the other staple: Petrol:

Here’s another way to show this:

If you like your pie charts, here’s another view:


Here’s another graphic from BP.

Same kind of tax robbery with spirits and ciggies. That is not including the impact of corporate, individual and other indirect taxes. Another way of looking at it is to see the first day of the year in which a country has earned enough to fund its annual tax burden and then the citizen is free to do what they want with their money. Its the tax freedom day. For the United Kingdom, the damn government sucks our blood till 14th May! And this is going to go up even more.

Parasites! To top it all, the tax code becomes even longer and larger. I quote:

The UK now has the longest tax code in the world according to LexisNexis, the publishers of Tolley's tax guide. The handbook of tax legislation now runs to 11,520 pages, a 10pc increase on last year and more then double the number of pages from 12 years ago.

Buggers cant just stop tinkering around with our lives.

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Daniel said...

Government is such a thieve that will bankrupt everybody and at the end will die too, just like cancer.Remember he Roman Empire? There you go.