Wednesday, September 16

Limit of 30% foreigners in a classroom?

The Italian Government is proposing to have a limit of 30% immigrant students in a school class. The argument seems to be that any more than this % of students in a classroom has an adverse impact on integration. Not this is an interesting argument.

On the anti side, i dislike this purely on the basis that its against individual choice and I hate the government buggering around with school life.


Then you have the flip side. Remember the forces busing of black students to white schools to make sure diversity is achieved? Its called as Desegregation policies where black students are sent to white schools to make sure that racial diversity is maintained. We have affirmative action to make sure that minorities are benefited. And so on and so forth. If the objective is to have well balanced school, just like elsewhere in the world, we positively discriminate, surely this 30% limit also makes sense?

Needs more thought…

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