Tuesday, November 24

Is 35% a fair amount for charities admin cost?

No. I dont think so at all. For those who are tempted to give money to Oxfam, Christian Aid, Or the British Red Cross, know that more than 30 pence in the pound goes to non project expenses. Quite a high administrative expenditure there...


This is indeed very high compared to many other charities. I am a trustee of a charity and if I found that my CEO and her staff spent any of this % amount, I would be firing her immediately. While the charity where I am does not do anything of the level of fund raising which these charities are engaged in, but still, this is shocking.

Any why on earth is the government giving money to charities? Are they charities or are they Quango’s? or arms of the government? This is frankly stupid to use my tax monies to fund charities.

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