Wednesday, November 25

Private 'police' provoke concern

This really pissed me off. I quote:

The growing number of private security companies policing UK streets is a worrying development, senior police figures say. The Police Federation of England and Wales said there is "huge concern" over their powers and accountability.

Former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair has also said there should be no role for the private sector in Britain's law enforcement. The firms typically charge residents to patrol streets and deter troublemakers.

So what else does Sir Blair say?

Sir Ian Blair said more use should be made of community officers and civilians working within the police, otherwise there could be more private police patrols.

He said: "I do not see community safety as a commodity to be bought and sold and therefore we shouldn't be having the private sector in policing.

"Unless we get this right, we will end up with private security coming in and they will work for the rich and the poor will go without."

What do you mean? You mean that you in the police will not help out in making sure that the citizens of this country feel safe? That’s how you pitch it?

When a state cedes space in the security space, it is wreaking the very core reason for it's existence. The first and foremost reason for a state to exist is to provide security to it's citizens. This is also a reason why states come down so hard on vigilantism despite it frequently having good reason or cause or even support for example against paedophiles.

This is really worrisome for me. The fact that citizens are reaching out to private firms to provide security is an extremely dangerous step. But typically, instead of trying to address the basic fear of security of the citizens, this bloody government will do the worst of both things. It wouldn't increase the patrols or prosecution and on top of it it will stop these firms.

Another brilliant objection:

But the vice chairman of the Police Federation, which represents officers, said such firms could cause problems. Simon Reed said: "We have got people who have certain powers, we are going to see them in uniform. Potentially there is confusion there for the public and who are they actually accountable to?

"I understand the public's fear of crime but actually it's the police who patrol public space and we should be very wary about giving those powers to private security companies."

You guys are accountable to the citizens of the country, just like these private firms are. If you were doing your job and giving comfort to the citizens, then they wouldn't have this problem, would they? And excuse me, you dont have a problem in having people who are not policemen but doing police like duties? What about Police Community Support Officers or Special Constables?

What’s the difference between the PCSO’s or SC’s? and the private firms? Nothing much as much as I can see effectively.

Very worrying.

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