Sunday, June 6

One Islam or many?

Well, i was chatting to somebody when this point came up from this blog:

”I think the kind of Islam that wants to force women to wear a veil or headscarf won’t be around in 20 years,”

So my correspondent said,

there is only ONE Islam but gazillion interpretations

My response was:

there are many islams
it is impossible for one islam to be
one cannot define it or describe it
hence it cannot be
islam is interpretations
gabriel interpreted the word of god
mo did so
then every muslim since then has done so
and that's the beauty of it
it is ever changing and fits in the beauty of god
the day somebody says "this is the islam", then immediately he thinks of himself as Allah
because only Allah can say what is true islam
we are all interpreters
so what she is saying is right

This was chat, so grammar, punctuation and sentence construction are bit lacking..

Also, if you look at Islamic history, this kind of drive to “One Islam” generally always means, I DEFINE WHAT TRUE ISLAM IS, AND IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, YOU ARE A HERETIC, AND I WILL LOP OFF YOUR HEAD AT WORST AND BELLOW IN YOUR EAR FOR THE NEXT 20 YEARS AT BEST. I exaggerate a bit, but hope you get the point.

I think they should all convert back to the great religion of Pastafarianism. There is only ONE way of making noodles.

btw, in case you are wondering, my correspondent said I was a donkey and i know nothing and stormed off.


Noire said...

It is one Islam too many actually.

BD said...

True, but that only in the eyes of Allah. In this planet, in this time, there are thousands and millions of Islam. Nothing wrong with that, we are not perfect and we can only aspire to the perfect religion :). As the sura goes, we do our best, with good niyaat and Allah knows best.