Friday, June 11

Saudi Arabia in trouble over housemaids

Yes, indeed, i can well see the solution to more and more expensive housemaids being Saudi men and women doing the work that the housemaids did. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!. I quote:

The upward spiral of housemaid costs will never stop. These costs will continue to increase as long as our society is totally dependent on foreign maids who have been allowed to become an integral part of our households.

They occupied homes, gained the sympathy of children and learned everything about our homes. For these reasons it is difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of the housemaid.

It is not an exaggeration to say that almost every home in the Kingdom, regardless of its financial situation, has a maid from Indonesia.

Local newspapers recently reported that the cost of recruiting maids from Indonesia has gone up by SR500 to SR10,000.

The charges imposed by recruitment offices have also increased to SR1,000 within two months. The offices have attributed this increase to the pressure exerted by the local recruitment offices in Indonesia, who also hiked their charges.

The time it takes to process paperwork for housemaids has likewise gone up from three to five months.

With the holy month of Ramadan near, the demand for housemaids is expected to surge and with it the costs of bringing them to the Kingdom.

The rise in demand for housemaids has also fueled a black market in cheap labor.

There are now millions of housemaids in our country, including 800,000 in Riyadh alone.

A number of maids tend to escape from their sponsors only a few days after their arrival, looking for more money.

In such cases, the sponsor will lose the money he spent on bringing her into the country and will also have to spend more time and cash recruiting a replacement.

The housemaids have also caused a number of negative habits to form within Saudi families. The children have become spoiled and housewives have neglected their primary duties because they  depend on maids to do everything in the house.

Aware of their growing importance, the housemaids have raised their salary demands and are imposing their own conditions, which the employing family is obliged to fulfill.

Our society is now torn between foreign manpower in the streets and housemaids in homes.

We are beginning to read about various crimes of theft and vengeance in addition to murder, child abuse, sorcery and others. Despite all this, the demand for housemaids is increasing.

I think it is time we curb the trend of recruiting maids and teach our society how to depend on itself.

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