Sunday, June 6

Update on World Environment Day & fundraising for IT4CH

Well, it was World Environment Day on Friday and there were a ton of activities that the bank was involved in. Check out the list of organisations involved with the firm on the back of the T shirt which I had to wear. In the interests of saving resources, I had to wear a T shirt which was at least 4 sizes too small. Somebody described it as “clingy” and he was being kind.


Very conveniently, the graphic points to where I need to reduce as well.



Now that we have finished taking the p out of me, let me get to the meat of the matter. We managed to raise more than £500 pounds in contributions just from contributions from people. The idea was that if you dressed down, you get to pay £1, if you were still dressed in a suit, then you get to pay £2. Which was quite nice and interesting. People contributed much more frequently and we were quite chuffed. Other sites like Sheffield and Birmingham are also going to contribute via the virgin giving website so at the moment, we dont know the full amount.

Sometime in the next couple of months, we will get the CEO of the Charity and perhaps a hospital teacher to come into the firm, accept the actual donation from one of the senior managers who is the sponsor of this programme and perhaps even get the climate champions to visit one of the hospitals to see where the firm’s equipment is being utilised. The idea that our old PC’s are being recycled by people who are getting trained on PC repair and then given to kids was very well received. Quite a lot of ideas popped out from the climate champions who want to help the firm out even more. So excellent :)Very chuffed about this all. Good engagement with all.

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