Sunday, January 30

And the Saudi King says..

CASABLANCA: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah and US President Barack Obama expressed their disapproval of the current turmoil in Egypt in a telephone conservation Saturday night.

“During the call, they reviewed relations between the countries and developments in the region as well as the tragic events taking place currently in Egypt that have been accompanied by chaos, looting, intimidation of innocents, exploitation of freedom and expression and attempts to ignite the flames of chaos to achieve their suspicious goals, which are not approved by Saudi and US sides,” the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The king also said the stability and security of the Egyptian people cannot be bargained with or be prejudiced under any justification.

“Egypt's capabilities and achievements are integral parts of the capabilities and accomplishments of the Arab and Islamic nations,” the king told the US president.

The king is currently recuperating from surgery in Morocco.

What the heck? USA has to approve this revolution in Egypt? Unbelievable, but then despots are like that. From here. Shameful on part of the Saudi king, but then what else can the poor man do? He is just your normal bog standard tin pot king trying to get along, no?

As for Obama, shame, seriously, mate, what’s up with your basic incoherence and inability to stand up to basic human principles? shame!

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