Tuesday, February 1

Corruption a bigger disease than AIDS

I like the idea of countries refusing to give grants and aid to these global programmes who do not do more to fight corruption. So when Sweden announced that it will not pay its contribution of 1.5 billion kronor to the global fund to fight AIDS because the fund is not doing much to combat corruption in 4 countries where funds were diverted.

As it should be, why should the taxpayer monies be frittered away? And the fact that it will cause an impact on the AID fund’s working is a d’oh moment. This man, Michel Kazatchkine, who is the executive director of the fund, says that this will impact them. Well, d’oh, you muppet, you are obviously not clued up to the real life. What this translates to me is that yeah yeah, you are whining and moaning about corruption, we have done few things but despite the fact that I haven't been able to convince you about our efforts or actually made a difference by helping arresting officials or what have you, just gimme the money.

How extraordinarily stupid of you, Michel. You are taking money from the ordinary poor citizens of Sweden and giving it away to the rich citizens of these poor corrupt countries. Just where does that equation work out?

As far as United Kingdom is concerned, it is institutionally corrupt. If you do not believe me, tell me the last time that you heard that UK has actually helped prosecute or complain about corruption about our aid? Heck, it couldn't do anything about British Aerospace which was corrupting people left right and centre. ANYBODY arrested? nope. Anybody threatened with prosecution? nope. bah, shameful behaviour on part of the UK.

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