Thursday, March 17

Baking brownies for Red Nose Day

So tomorrow is Red Nose day. When people do silly things for raising money for charity. Diya is going to be dressing up in funky clothes, while her Baba is baking brownies at bloody 2136hours on a Thursday night for sale to other people at 50p a piece.

I didn't even know about this, had forgotten completely, and then the office girls attacked me. I was told, note, I was TOLD, that I will be providing something baked for a cake sale tomorrow. Dammit, if this was indeed going to be the case, then I might as well as remained in the damn navy where you are ordered, “you are volunteering”. Ok, enough whining. So 2 large baking tins full of brownies are currently baking. But I am not going to have even one. I tell you, its a promise. Seriously. Ma ki Kasam. Tetua daba kar. Swear it on the life of my TV remote. And iPhone.

sighs, who am I kidding?

anyway, its for a good cause, right?

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