Wednesday, March 16

My religion is Jedi

A big thick white envelope with purple lettering dropped into the mailbox today. Its the 2011 UK Census form. Man, these people ask some ugly ass questions, but one question I am happy to answer. I am a Jedi. So there.

Then again, read this plea for people not to mark them as Jedi. I was seriously confused. Sorry, mate, I am a Jedi. I quote:

At the last Census, over 390,000 otherwise sane people listed their religion as ‘Jedi’, which completely screwed up the national religious statistics. There were [allegedly more] Jedi’s in the UK than identifying Sikhs, Jews and Buddhists combined.

By choosing to be officially registered as a Jedi, the true number of non-religious Britain’s was fudged, and this allowed the continued justification of religious influence on policy making. We can’t afford this same mistake again.
The reason we in Britain still do not have full equality for same-sex couples falls at the feet of the 26 Protestant bishops in the House of Lords. They came out in force last year to vote against the Equality Bill, which made the discrimination of gay people to public services a criminal offense.

This is only due to get worse, (as Johann Hari reported in the Independent last week) – rather than remove the bishops from the House of Lords, Nick Clegg intends to renege on his election promise for a 100% elected House of Lords and instead welcome unelected figures from Jewish and Muslim faiths into the upper house to join the bishops.

The 2001 census data has been used to justify amongst other things, an increase in the number of state maintained faith schools and the increasing level of government money spent on faith organisations.

By ticking anything other than ‘no religion’ if you do not practice a religion is grossly over-inflating the true refection of religious belief in the UK. This number of non-religious is further split, as a percentage of the British public may wish to register their religion as ‘humanist’, but there is no box for this choice.

By option to select ‘other’, and writing in ‘humanist’ in the box, you are splitting the non-religious numbers still further.

So, in summary, if you are thinking of saying you’re a Jedi, please consider ticking “No Religion” instead. Obviously please feel free to ignore this plea if you are genuinely a Jedi.

So only insane people mark themselves as a Jedi according to the top line while the last line says that being a Jedi is fine. If this is the level of logical argument, then god (or should I say the force or Yoda?), I am happy I am a Jedi Smile with tongue out

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