Monday, March 14

Criminalise lack of Kindness and Helpfulness

This news story bewildered me. I quote:

The report on a so-called civil courage (duty to rescue) law contains the recommendation that those who passively stand by in a situation of acute danger could land themselves in prison for up to two years or incur fines.
Olle Abrahamsson, who led the inquiry at the justice ministry and will hand over the report to the minister
Beatrice Ask on Friday, however advised against following the report's recommendations to introduce the law.
"It would be even harder then to get people to stand witness," he said to the Dagens Nyheter daily.
A "Good
Samaritan" law exists in several other countries, including Sweden's Nordic neighbours. The report is the result of an inquiry into whether Sweden should follow suit and adopt a similar legal praxis.
Abrahamsson argued that the law had little effect in many of the countries, arguing that those disinclined to assist would not change their behaviour just because they could be held to account in the courts.
He furthermore more pointed out that US studies indicate that more die while helping out those in need, than are actually saved.
France's good Samaritan law is perhaps one of the most well-known in a European context.
While the law requires bystanders to assist those falling victim to crime or accident, the law generally excludes assistance that would endanger the person who is offering it.
Good Samaritan laws take their name from a parable told by Jesus commonly referred to as the Parable of the Good Samaritan contained in Luke 10:25-37. The parable tells the tale of aid given by one traveller to another traveler of a different religious and ethnic background who had been robbed and beaten by bandits.

So now I am going to be prosecuted for minding my own business? oh! goody, this just follows this news story. I quote:

MORE than a dozen emergency workers refused to pull a man from a waist-deep boating lake because of ‘health and safety’ fears.

For half-an-hour charity shop worker Simon Burgess, 41, was left face down in the shallow water as they waited for a specialist rescue crew.

Mr Burgess, who had gone to the lake to feed the swans, was pronounced dead at the scene but friends claim that if rescuers had waded straight into the water he could have been saved.

The crews of two fire engines, two police cars, two ambulances and an air ambulance were told not to enter the lake, which is no more than three feet (one metre) at its deepest point, in case they ‘compromised their safety’.

Europe is becoming moronic and stupid, the state is seriously become stupid. What the hell is this? where is the reliance on individual rights, liberalism and self responsibility? Somebody has to legislate to tell you to be nice and kind and helpful? This is shameful indeed.

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