Monday, February 2

A new crop of rose perfumes


Now for something totally different. I know you like your aftershaves and deodorants. That's ok.
But you know I don't. Specially after I stopped smoking. The sense of smell is one of the least appreciated or used. Think about it. When did you last use this sense to make a proper decision? Besides food or drink if at that.

Very rarely son. So that's why I don't put any deodorant or aftershave. Going to new places or new buildings or meeting new people or new trains or new shops. New as in new to me. Not new as in fresh. And draw in a sharp breath. Let it roll around the back of your nose and throat. Close your eyes and think of what memories or images does it bring?

Somebody once spotted me doing this and I said that I was count snifferu. Try it out son. Sniff people. Discreetly of course.  Otherwise people will think you are perving. It enriches your experience of life son. Have you smelled trees? Forget flowers. But trees? Why not?

How about books? Old books smells are lovely. I used to love sleeping with you in the crook of my arm and would sniff and sniff the lovely cute beautiful baby smell you had.

Oh another thing. When you have your girlfriend, son, explore her with your nose. The usual body aromas interact with the lovely perfumes that women wear and that shows up in the most amazing and fascinating aromas. The hair the ear the neck the arms all have a slightly but significantly different smell. And do you know that their aromas change over the day and when their emotions change? Know your woman son. It's a never ending source of fascination and desire :) the scent of a woman :)



I saw this article when using the Financial Times app and thought you might be interested:
Financial Times,
A new crop of rose perfumes
By Jim Shi
Today’s more sophisticated scents have little in common with the traditional rosewater that might come to mind

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