Tuesday, February 3

Pakistan needs to delve deep to fight terrorism


after the Peshawar attack, I remembered that I had some books on this area..and this one in particular jumped to my mind, its a wee bit old, about 8-10 years, but still broadly accurate, it lists the major jehadi organisations in the country. the details of the groups, the financing, the real estate footprint, the wide-spread foot soldiers and sympathisers, the ideologies and state support. it is bloody worrisome. Pakistan is showing good signs of tackling this but you have to know the enemy..

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check out the sheer diversity of terrorist groups there, and yes I know there are many more in India, but Indian terrorism has much wider, different and more historical backgrounds..and its diffused, but Pakistan has existential issues here…she has focussed groups committed to overthrow or amend the population. And it doesnt have the functioning democracy (its doing great by the way, but from a low starting point) that other countries had…

tough times.

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