Friday, February 6

Master's degrees are as common now as bachelor's degrees were in the '60s

This was a very interesting article, albeit from the perspective of USA.

Two graphs tell the story. I couldn't copy the 2 graphs, but the graph which shows the popularity of the subjects in 2012 is good, shows that business degrees are great. Also another graph clearly indicates that the masters degree student will earn more than a bachelor's degree.

Screen_Shot_2014-05-20_at_2.42.36_PM[1] Screen_Shot_2014-05-20_at_2.02.07_PM[1]

Also fascinating is the rate of growth. I couldn't believe my eyes when i read that law enforcement and leisure/fitness studies are the fastest growing segments. Ok, so they might be growing from a very low base. I can understand law enforcement as it becomes more and more granular, scientific, technology based. But leisure/fitness studies? And that too a masters degree? Bloody hell. Very strange.

No wonder people in that area aren't getting proper jobs, i wonder what are the earnings of a masters in bloody fitness studies gets compared to an MBA>?

I have copied Diya in here, she is still a bit young, but she may like to know this as well..


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