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15 Most Amazing Predictions for Kali Yuga from the Bhagavata Purana


I've been reading and blogging about the bhagwat Purana now for some years. Need to pick that up. It's the fattest single book in our library. That's the other claim to fame. Puranas are collection of stories about Hindu deities. Remember when I did the laxmi puja? And we acted out the laxmi story? I got that from the laxmi Purana. There are about 40 of these Puranas. Written from about 1500 down to the 18th century. These aren't single stories. They overlap. They don't have a coherent theme. Will be written by multiple authors. They will be written and overwritten over hundreds of years. Their character changes due to political changes. Changes in language. One scribe could have written one in bhrami which got translated into Tamil and back into Marathi or Sanskrit and and and. A veritable palmiset. 

But they are fascinating documents son. If you ever want to explore hinduism, start with the Puranas. Or even the Upanishads. In my experience, they are the most powerful and evocative philosophical tracts ever written compared to pretty much every other religion or ideology or philosophical school of thought. The ancient upanishad authors were grappling with esoteric concepts such as happiness, love, worship, life, universe much before the aristotles or socrates or platos of this world were even twinkles in their parental eyes. 

Still this article is interesting. The date of the bhagwat Purana given is rubbish. This was written around 1200 years back. And you can also quibble about the Sanskrit translation son. But it's good enough to think about. 

We are missing you :) 

Hope you're having a great time son. And tasting Spanish food and wine. Don't eat rotgut burgers and drink crappy beer. Drink the wine and taste the glorious food there :) search out the smaller hostelieries. Watch where the locals go to eat. Not the tourist traps. That's the key. Ask the waiter or concierge about which restaurant did he take his girlfriend or family to last month :) 



15 Most Amazing Predictions for Kali Yuga from the Bhagavata Purana
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In the last canto of the Bhagavata Purana there is a list of predictions and prophecies about the dark times for the present age of Kali Yuga. The following 15 predictions, written 5,000 years ago by sage Vedavyasa, are amazing because they appear so accurate. Despite the negative tone of these prophecies, there is still one bright spot for all of us, which is mentioned at the end.

Prediction 1:

Religion, truthfulness, cleanliness, tolerance, mercy, duration of life, physical strength and memory will all diminish day by day because of the powerful influence of the age of Kali.


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Very nice article. It is soothing to connect to our roots, our old rich cultural heritage.

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