Tuesday, October 6

Prague astronomical clock

So here's a little overview of a world famous clock in Prague. We went to see this when Andrew uncle got married long time back. I don't think you kids were born at that time. It's a lovely lovely clock. At that time, it was difficult to appreciate it from way down where I stood, gaping at the clock. But I trace my interest in horology from that time onwards. And since then I obsess over watches and clocks and time pieces and the question of time itself. It's such a slippery character, very difficult to pin down. The only dimension in our existence which doesn't have a physical existence. And we spend time on time. To conquer it. By making time saving devices. By improving productivity. Time gets involved in so many things. In that recent science fiction film, intemperance, I loved the intricacies and complexities and incongruities and illogicality of time. I've also spoke about the bhagwat Puranas which talks about time. In the economist of few weeks back, they talk about different universes. Maybe having their own definition of time. What an extraordinary concept. And I have a book on procrastination (why it's good, not how to fix it!) in the toilet and guess what? Ironically I haven't been able to read it yet. 

Funny eh? 

Give Diya a hug. She's following in your footsteps and going to your old school son. She looks up to you and misses you horribly when you're not here. I did squish her and bless her and wish her the best of luck today morning. But I couldn't do that to you as you had your friends over :) 




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Prague Orloj

The Prague astronomical clock, or Prague orloj (CzechPražský orloj [praʃskiː orloj]), is a medieval astronomical clock located in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The clock was first installed in 1410, making it the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one still working.

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