Thursday, December 10

How to Drink Whiskey


I've spoken to many times about whisky. Or whiskey. Take your pic. Here's an interesting article on the art of drinking whisky. Worthwhile reading. Drinking is an art son. Anybody can get drunk. I used to get drunk regularly. Sloshed. Blotto. Comatose. Puking drunk. Till you were born. And then I grew up in a hurry. Needed to take care of my little baby. You. Cutely cuddled in my arms. I can't really drink or need to drink do I? Given I was too busy drinking you in :) 

Drinking is an art as I mentioned. You're in Tenerife with your friends so drinking is good. It lubricates conversation and makes you less uptight. But remember one thing. Never drink alone son. Ever. Not good. It's a classic sign that something's going wrong somewhere son. As for getting drunk, you'll know and learn when you need to stop :)

By the way, I've found a place in Thailand which offers a PADI licence in a week and it's not too expensive. About £1000 all in including flights. So as soon as you're happy that your asthma is under control (make sure you visit the doctor) I'll treat you to this holiday and get a PADI licence for you. What is amusing is that you'll most probably get your PADI licence before you get your driving licence! :)

Hope you're having a wonderful time son and have a great special day. 



How to Drink Whiskey
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While whiskey was first billed as a medicinal substance — aquavitae or “water of vitality” — it soon gained popularity and became one of the most popular drinks in the world. Whiskey as we know it was probably first distilled in the 1400s, and probably in Scotland, according to the best hard evidence we have. Especially in England and Ireland, it became the drink of choice, and through taxation, came to contribute 30%-50% of the nation’s revenue.

With the colonization of the states, the popular beverage crossed the Atlantic, and Mr. George Washington himself counted whiskey as his favorite vice. He even opened a distillery at Mount Vernon which ended up being one of the largest in the young nation. They continue to make whiskey today.

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