Friday, December 11

Be lucky - it's an easy skill to learn


I've spoken about luck before. And how I think I've been very lucky. Heck, mum says that things come very easily to me. I'm guessing that's another word for lucky. 

Remember what Napoleon said? I prefer generals who are lucky. And for a very long time kids, I always said that the secret to my luck is simply because I jump at more opportunities than the next person. Secondly I try to be happy. And I'm frequently accused by a close friend of being a Pollyanna. Look it up. 

Remember I keep on banging on with you Kannu that you need to keep on exploring opportunities? That's the key, kids. Keep your eyes out. Get out of your comfort zone. Keep challenging yourself. Don't go to sleep without having learnt 5 things, met one new person, made two people laugh and one very large hug and a kiss. 

So it was with pleasure I read this book review which said what I've said above in a more structured and scientific manner. 

You can be lucky and learn to be lucky. 



Be lucky - it's an easy skill to learn
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A decade ago, I set out to investigate luck. I wanted to examine the impact on people’s lives of chance opportunities, lucky breaks and being in the right place at the right time. After many experiments, I believe that I now understand why some people are luckier than others and that it is possible to become luckier.

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