Thursday, December 10

When death rained from the skies

Warning. Very distressing photographs ahead. Do not read if you're of a sensitive disposition. 

These photographs are from the ground in Ukraine where the MH17 plane's bits and bobs landed. Some bobs landed as well. You don't see these photographs usually on tv or newspapers. 

The sheer banality of the man still strapped inside his seat and has fallen to his death. Wheat fields giving birth to the dead. Just when I couldn't be more shocked, the other photographs managed to shock me even more. A body crashed through this man's bedroom. You can see the hole in the roof. And is lying next to the bed. All the clothes have been blown off the body. Can't make out if it's a man or woman. The dead have no dignity. 

And then the photo of the man with his head held low in the red shirt leaning on the windowsill is Igor. He owns this place. He was in the bedroom when the body came crashing through. 

I was trying to imagine the man's feelings. And trying to put myself in his shoes. And failed miserably. I don't know if they had family. But that bedroom would be associated with violent undignified death. 

What a tragic set of photographs. Makes me hate war even more but worse was to come. 

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