Thursday, November 24

Fwd: Resting in peace


I'm sitting just outside Changi prison and museum. It was a very emotional journey darling. But first a bit of history as you like history. You're such an amazingly unique little girl. Most other girls are pining over ponies and dolls while my wonderful girl sits in the corner and quietly reads about history.

The Japanese invaded Malaysia and Singapore. There were a ton of British and commonwealth soldiers who slowly withdrew down the spine of Malaysia and then went into Singapore. The Japanese kept coming down and then defeated them. The British and allies then fought back in world war 2 and 4 years later after the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and the second on Nagasaki the Japanese surrendered.

During the war years, Changi prison was where all the commonwealth and allied soldiers were imprisoned, tortured and killed in their thousands. So when you get a chance sweetheart, do visit here. You will see evidence of how men can be cruel to each other. You can see evidence of how men can be brave and help each other. You can see how women saved their children despite being tortured. Very emotional and history coming alive.

But when I was just exiting the museum, I saw this poster. And that nearly made me cry. Had lumps in my throat.

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