Saturday, November 26

Fwd: Hitlers first death camp


See this review of a book which is on my list of to be read books. I've spoken to you before about the threats of the state. Besides the wars that states wage son, they also kill and maim their own people with great enthusiasm. The United Kingdom was responsible for millions of deaths in the great Bengal famine. Something that Salil uncle and j discussed recently in Singapore. The USA is going through some of its ructions over race and locks up a disproportionate number of black citizens.

But they have to start somewhere. Just like hitler did son. See how they worked out. And then there's the entire issue of collaborators. What do you do when a man forces you to act immorally? Difficult philosophical question at the best of times. Bloody question of survival when you're in a death camp.

Read and weep son. This is where the final solution started for tens of millions of people in Europe.



           Patrick Montague. Chelmno and the Holocaust: A History of Hitler's First Death Camp. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2011. 416 pp. $75.00 (cloth), ISBN 978-0-8078-3527-2.
Reviewed by Richards O. Plavnieks (Stetson University)
Published on H-German (September, 2014)
Commissioned by Chad Ross
An In-depth Inquiry into Hitler's First Death Camp: Chelmno
Twenty years in the making, Patrick Montague's chronicle, Chelmno and the Holocaust, does not disappoint. The book's first chapter, titled "Prologue," is not the book's prologue, but in fact explains the "prologue" to Chelmno—and in turn, situates Chelmno as an opening chapter of the Holocaust. It is in this regard that the book makes its finest contribution to scholarship: a detailed history of Adolf Hitler's least-known death camp. Moreover, the illumination of the camp's key role as a pioneer of the Nazi death camp model suggests a place for Montague's work in the library of indispensable scholarship on the Holocaust.

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