Friday, January 18

More evidence of British corruption in Saudi arms deals

See? what was the benefit of actually paying those rotten corrupt Saudi's? the benefit that we are getting is to be knocked off as corrupt, our reputation is mud. So dont tell me that it was for jobs. Its like saying, I steal because I need food. No, you dont need to steal and no, you dont need to bribe. These Saudi's are thieves and perhaps in their culture or whatever, to be corrupt is ok and accepted. That's fine, that's their business. But how does that explain that we are paying bribes?

I quote:

Fresh evidence that the Saudi royal family demanded secret commissions on arms sales emerged yesterday raising further questions about the propriety of Britain's dealings with the kingdom and the government's defence of them.

Documents seen by the Commons export control committee reveal Whitehall's concern about Saudi demands that "appropriately discreet arrangements" should be made to secure defence contracts.

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