Tuesday, January 15

Zimbabwe judge bemoans exodus

More proof is you still need it that people are voting with their feet on the great paradise republic of Zimbabwe. I quote:

HARARE - Zimbabwe’s most senior judge has bemoaned a mounting backlog of untried cases because of a staff exodus, saying the high court in Harare now only had one stenographer to keep records of proceedings.

Makarau said the delivery of justice was further hampered by a shortage of court transcribers with only one serving the high court in Harare and a second in the main southern city of Bulawayo.

She cited a case where a judge was at a loss what to do with a man accused of killing his brother after a drunken brawl.

During the the lengthy time the man was on bail awaiting trial, he assumed responsibility for his deceased’s brother’s family and fathered two additional children with the widow.

"How does society expect us to respond in such circumstances where the delay is in the system and no particular officer or office is to blame?" Makarau asked.

This is a warning, when the legal system breaks down, the society and country will break down as well!

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