Monday, January 14

Rival Egyptian families agree to end 'mustache war'

I have a close association with my mustache although it just hangs about. Despite my previous post, I was concerned about this development that people have been grabbing other people and forcibly shaving off their mustaches. Too damn right it lead to war, it is bloody serious!

Two families in southern Egypt that captured and forcefully shaved each others' leaders earlier in the year have agreed to end their dispute, the Al Ahram daily reported on Friday.

Over 7,000 citizens of Mahrusa, a town in the Qena province near Luxor, gathered on Thursday to witness the heads of the Al-Arab and Fallaheen families sign a final reconciliation pact.

Back in July the families abducted each others' leaders and shaved off their mustaches, beards, hair and eyebrows. In the region, a man's mustache represents his honor.

The dispute escalated into a series of violent clashes in which the families fought each other with sticks and clubs.

Fearing that the situation could further deteriorate, police and local authorities intervened, calling on the sides to resolve their conflict.

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