Monday, February 11

India falls down on refuge to Taslima Nasreen

A proud country which has given succor to a variety of people down the ages, whether it be the Jews, Parsi's or the Tibetan Refugees is now shamefully bowing down to the Muslim fundamentalists and thinking about banning Taslima Nasreen. Shame on them!. This is disgusting. And then to read this?

Muslim intellectuals say the real problem is the "sexual nature" of her work. "It is reprehensible what she has written," said Zafarul-Islam Khan, editor of the Milli Gazette, an influential newspaper for Indian Muslims. "Really this woman has the ability to live in London or New York and she should go. Why is the Indian government paying so much money to keep her here?"

THESE are Muslim intellectuals? Esphoks on them, no wonder.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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