Wednesday, February 13

Israeli Lobby Declares War on Gandhi..

its curious that the author of this piece seems to have missed the point where Gandhi suggests that the Jewish community go en-masse to their grave, which they did. His argument, that that non-violent step would shame Herr Hitler. Unfortunately, non-violence as a political or even religious mechanism only works when you have liberals on the other side, something which Gandhi himself said.

Also, the author seems to confuse between the Israel the country and the Jewish Nation. The Jewish Nation's future has been bleak for the past 2000 years, perhaps that could explain some much needed context but otherwise, I very much doubt that the author got it.

Personally speaking, any modern country established on the basis of religion holds the seeds of its own destruction in itself, so not only Israel, but also countries such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and and and are all heading for massive changes if not destruction. Also see my previous note.

Read and wonder!

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