Tuesday, February 12

Photo Essay: Encounters of the Green Kind

I like gardening and on a recent vacation, took quite a lot of photo's of flowers, gardens and the like. But totally blaming Dee for making me conscious of the fact that I have been shamefully negligent in writing about flowers, I decided to put together some photo's which I found interesting in Lucknow.

These photographs are from all over the city, but mostly from in and around my in-law's place. I am also totally ignorant about the names of the flowers, but operating on the assumption that you dont have to know the name of the breed to love your doggie or the name of the train driver to enjoy the train ride, I am blissfully (ignorance is bliss?) going to plonk some photo's here. So not much commentary here, I am afraid.


The colours were brilliant when observed closely, and velvety in texture.
This flower looked so lonely and childish, but still brave, pushing up!
The familar marigold flower. Did you guys eat the hearts of these flowers? we used to. Pretty yummy with a dash of salt and chilly powder.
These two pictures of the same flower, one on the left which shows the deep rich colour in the middle of the flower, while the one on the right shows the proud stamen. Now one wonders how they would get pollinated if the pollen buds were so far away from the honey bits at the bottom.
two colours of rhododendrons. I like the orange bits. Reminds me a bit of the flame of the forest tree.
Jack and the beanstalk? lovely tall creepers going up the wall. The two on the left are very thick and growing rapidly, while the one on the right is still a kid.
Some trees around the house. Very nicely maintained, I must admit. 


some shrubs and potted plants.

Very bright flowers.
The above two are from the Residency Gardens.

The set of 9 above are from the Chota Imambara gardens.  There is a bee on one of the flowers as well.

Here's the night garden at home.

If you wanted to see all the photo's in a bigger resolution in a slideshow, then please click here.

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