Friday, March 28

Goodbye to rip-off Britain

This column spoke to me so much that I cannot believe it. When i first came to England, I was gobsmacked at the prices and at this moment, I am still gob-smacked. I no longer purchase water, just a glass of tap water would be just fine. I am ok with tea, I have my PG Tips tea bags, and would like a bit of hot water and a bit of cow juice and I am fine. I dont like spending too much, but when the cost of a day out at the movies with the family pushes £50 quid, then one wonders what on earth is happening. Ok, so I can afford it, but I am not stupid.

But read this and weep. And know why I am not going to be voting Labour this time. Gordon Brown is useless and I have no confidence in him.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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