Monday, March 24

Meet the families where no one's worked for THREE generations - and they don't care

Even discounting the hyperbole, this kind of story pushes one to question the whole idea of the welfare state. We are now hitting recession in the UK and in rest of the world, job security is low, inflation is getting higher, commitments increasing, and then on top of that, our tax monies is going to go to supporting scroungers like these? And then Bishop Nazir Ali wants us to give MORE? Calling us greedy bankers, eh? I quote:

Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester, singled out high-earning City traders such as hedge fund managers as the kind of people who must swap their desire to “make a quick buck” for a commitment to “share [their] wealth generously”.

Really? For people like the McFaddens? Are you freaking out of your bloody mind? I am the son of a refugee, he didnt ask for any help, i did not ask for any help, we both supported and are supporting tons of family members and supporting other charities, paying top whack on our taxes and then we get to hear that we aren’t paying enough? Bollocks.

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