Sunday, March 23

Judging reform!!! finally a table!

I suppose this was just waiting to happen, a nicely tabular way of judging who is a radical or a reformer! I have been writing about reform in Islam for some time now (see my main site), but this is a curious little gem from this page. But typically, you cannot simply reduce such a complex phenomena such as Islamic reform down by these factors.

Based upon my research, this is a very simplistic way of looking at reform and will miss out on the wood from the trees. More importantly, using something like this will actively impede reform rather than improve and lubricate reform because life is simply not a matter of putting people in boxes. For example, you can well be against a caliphate but also be anti democratic because what you want is to be ruled by a shura council. And that's reform as well, considering some of the earthworms who inhabit some of the OIC's parliaments.

Anyway, read and wonder

Radical Moderate
Yes No
Pro Against
Criticism of Islam
No Yes
Deceiving non-Muslims
Yes No
Against Pro
Dhimmitude for non-Muslims
Pro Against
Every deed (and word) of Prophet Muhammad (according to Ahadith) was noble and is worthy of emulation 
Yes No to
Freedom of (from) Religion
Against Pro
Gender equality
Against Pro
Pro Against
Religious Secular
Islamic reformation
Against Pro
Islamic supremacy
Pro Against
Against Pro / Neutral
Koran over Constitution
Yes No
Reaction to criticism of Islam or Prophet Muhammad
Anger/Violence Reason / No reaction
Religious equality
Against Pro
Pro Against
Pro / Neutral Against
Pro Against
Universal Human Rights
Against Pro
Use of terms such as  "Islamic terrorism" or "Islamofascism"
Object Accept
Whitewashing terrorism
Yes No

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