Thursday, June 5

The Beady Law of Bush Bilking

You must have heard of Godwin's Law. After having seen a huge amount of discussions and debate on the George Bush Phenomena, I am going to propose another law based upon that master, Godwin. The Beady Law of Bush Bilking states that:

Accusing somebody of being a George Bush or his supporter is guaranteed to bring the conversation to an end.

Just like people who are just too easy to accuse other people of being Nazi's show evidence of loose thinking, the Beady Law of Bush Bilking states that the person has not really thought through the argument and has just lazily reached out to a hated figure. And that's it, the conversation either stops at that point or no longer remains a conversation and degenerates into people throwing their toys out of a pram and thereby proving the adage, "many an argument is sound, just sound"

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