Wednesday, June 4

Some good questions for BoJo, London Mayor

I would be interested in the answers as well to these questions. I wonder if he will answer them.

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Alaphiah said...

I sense the good will in which these questions were asked.

Just curious if Red Ken was held to the same standard!

BD said...


Well, considering the fact that this came from the Liberal Conspiracy, the first part of your statement is answered and the follow up statement can be inferred.

But as a citizen of this city, there are some fair points in there. My point is not to score political points from left or right, but to make sure that London does not suffer.

This is one way of making sure that BoJo does not fall into the same pit as RedKen did, of becoming unaccountable and thinking of himself above and beyond questionning.

We want BoJo to be effective and it is only by asking him questions can we help him, the city and us remain effective :)



Alaphiah said...

Very good points!