Thursday, March 19

Britons abandoning their dogs

I am a dog lover and grew up with them. Love them, they are just adorable and seriously if the kids didnt have asthma, I would have had 5 of them at home! :).

But when I read about situations like this, it really bewilders me. I quote:

Rescue centres along the Costa del Sol report that their intake of animals has almost doubled in the last year, leaving them full to overflowing with some 1,000 abandoned dogs - and unable to care for any more.

Although it is not always possible to be certain who owned the abandoned dogs, these figures and the experiences of animal welfare workers suggest that scores of Britons, defeated by the credit crunch, have simply flown home and left their dogs to fend for themselves in Spain.

Despite the UK's reputation as a nation of dog lovers, one rescue centre manager claimed that when it comes to abandoning pets "the British are the worst culprits".

Tragic, no? but then, having been in old age homes, when people can abandon their old folks on the state, why should I be surprised that they mistreat their pets? How can you do this?

Recently three small dogs were found in a boarded up villa on the outskirts of Estepona weeks after their British owners left because they could not keep up their mortgage payments.

"It was an incredible act of cruelty," said Mrs Stevens. "The dogs had been left some food and water but if a neighbour hadn't heard the barking and called us they would have eventually started eating each other before starving to death."

Read this comment:

"That doesn't excuse the huge number of British people who just abandon their pets," said Mrs Lago. "A dog is like a member of the family. They wouldn't just leave their children behind would they?"

As it so happens, they do leave their children behind as well unfortunately. A dog, child and parents are for life, not just for Christmas, you know?

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