Friday, March 20

Would the last man figure out the lights?

This was very amusing. You might have heard about the saying, “would the last man out please switch off the light?”, something that means that all hope is gone, and lets all make an orderly exit. Well, in this particular case, seems like the last man is out, but the lights are still burning. I quote:

Ilva, an upmarket Danish-owned furniture shop in Manchester, went into administration in September.

But the lights, which are computer-controlled, have remained switched on - running up a huge electricity bill.

A spokesman for Town Centre Securities Ltd, the property's landlord, said: "We are looking into the issue with a view to sorting it out, but the lights are controlled by a complex computer system.

"We need the lights to be able to show interested parties around. If they could have been turned off easily, we would have done it."

Environmental campaigners described the situation as "absurd and unacceptable".

Simon Ashley, leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Manchester council, added: "This takes 'computer says no' to a new level."

Spencer Fitzgibbon, spokesman for Manchester Green Party, said: "There is a good case for whichever energy company is concerned to simply pull the plug."

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