Tuesday, March 17

oh! goody, more restrictions on singers and actors

Dont you think this is good? Restricting those caterwaulers and actors? Bunch of manky gits, doing things that is prohibited under the eyes of God. Can you imagine? Actually singing and dancing and acting? Criminal. Lock them up. Or cane them. Or better still, blow them up. How about shooting them and hanging their bodies up as a warning to others? Now that’s the way to impress God.


Wagma, another Pashtu-language woman singer, said that she had also received death threats and joined the group of preachers.

"In the initial stage, I joined the group under threat, but now I have realised that this is a noble way of life and I shall stick to it and shall never return to singing," she said.

Very noble :)

The militants are attempting to alter the city's religious diversity. The people of Peshawar believe that the Lashkar-e-Islam was involved in the recent bombing of the shrine of a Sufi poet, Rehman Baba.

The group had destroyed mausoleums of other saints in the city before, arguing that visiting tombs is un-Islamic.

Rehman Baba, known as the "Nightingale of Peshawar", is venerated as a mystic throughout NWFP and in Afghanistan.

Militant groups disapprove of Pakistan's majority religious tradition that allows for spiritual intercession through the tombs of saints, where visits are often accompanied by music and dance.

The Sufis have fought back. Earlier this year in Swat, Pir Samiullah, the custodian of a shrine who spent three years meditating in a cave, formed a militia to fight against the Taliban.

But militants killed him. His body was mutilated and strung up in public.

Welcome to Heaven on Earth.

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