Monday, November 30

Isn't this against the diplomatic rule book?

This chap seems to be heading towards becoming persona non grata. I quote:

The Iranian Supreme Leader’s representative in Britain has told Muslim servicemen and women to quit the Armed Forces, saying that their involvement in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars is forbidden by Islam.

The cleric, personally appointed by Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to be his special envoy to the UK, also urged Muslims to defeat the opposition to the Iranian regime and keep the 30-year-old Islamic Republic alive.

Heh, i like his innocence (or whatever word you want to use). But here’s where I found him rather silly. He ended his interview by saying:

He said the centre worked with police and other authorities to improve relations between the Muslim community and wider Britain.

“My personal belief is if Muslim migrants are better Muslims in this society, they can shape their individual lives in a better way and could be better members to this society,” he said.

Can you see how those two statements are contradictory? How on earth will Muslim soldiers and the society at large be well integrated if idiot mullah’s like this fellow go about sprouting pap like this? The FCO should call him in and tell him to keep his gob shut. Talk about making friends and influencing people.

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