Monday, November 30

Much ado about nothing

As you might have heard, the ECHR has ruled against the use of crucifix in classrooms. But the Italians are not taking it well, with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi saying that it will ignore the ruling. The Italians, with 84% majority, want crucifixes to remain on the classroom walls. And now the anti immigrant party, Northern League, is getting into the act as well.

A similar thing happened in Spain as well way back in 1982 but nothing has been done to implement the order still yet.

Basically, I cannot see how you can avoid it. Just like abortion has become legal, for a liberal democracy to take positions for a particular religion will not be justifiable at all. This promises to produce quite a lot of hot air. Mind you, God is everywhere, but apparently the crucifix is a symbol and weaker minds like to see it. Welcome to Europe. Here’s the amusing bit about the survey as reported by Reuters. I quote:

Those in favour included many who are not practicing Catholics. Some 68 percent of those who said they never attended Mass said they still wanted the crucifixes to stay in schools.

heh. So what’s the reason? cultural reasons? So now its become a decoration?

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