Tuesday, December 1

UN corruption convention in Doha, rendered toothless

As you might know, the United Nations is trying to push for a good solid anti corruption convention with teeth and peer review globally. If this really takes off, then it will really help the world, and most importantly, the poor who get disproportionately hit by corruption. The rich can bribe their way through these things but the poor get hurt.

But guess what? some countries objected to being peer reviewed. Who are these countries of total probity and clean hands? China, Russia, Algeria, Egypt, Pakistan and Zimbabwe. For those who are citizens of these countries, you could ask them why their representatives are against corruption eradication? Oh! I am sorry, these representatives are themselves corrupt and obviously their governments are as well. China is heavily corrupt, Russia is a byword, Algeria, Egypt and Pakistan, well, we all know about it while that wonderful world of anti imperialistic resistance, Zimbabwe is a beacon of innocence.


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