Wednesday, September 30

How The Royal Navy's X-Class Midget Subs Helped Make D-Day Possible

It takes a special kind of courage to drive one of these little boats kids. I've seen the x24. It's a tiny machine. Submarines are tiny anyway. Some of the more recent subs like the typhoon class of ussr or the American boomer subs or our trident class ones are fairly big but the ones of world war 2 time were truly diabolical. Tiny. Cramped. Wet from condensation. With the full knowledge that if they hit a problem, and believe you me, they hit giant amounts of problems, they cannot be rescued. The submarine bells and other rescue gear were invented long time afterwards. 

So consider an even worse situation with respect to a submarine. A tiny one. With very little amenities. Days on end. Rolling and pitching. But indomitable courage kids. That's the heritage you inherit from you being a citizen of the United Kingdom. There's a reason why the world war 2 brought out so many great attributes of what it means to be British. That doesn't mean you become a rabid nationalist but history tells you and helps you become what you are. 

Have a nice trip to Nottingham son. Send me your final cv and cover letter today so that I can review it quickly. And yes. Apply to as many banks as you can. No harm in that. Do you want me to arrange for a test interview with one of my graduate interviewers? But make sure you apply to all your top 10 banks by this weekend. Don't lose time son. Every day you delay, somebody else has applied and taken a place reducing the number of places for you. Remember what I said about luck. Lucky people jump at more opportunities than others. :) 

Diya, I've done the parent pay payment for you. I loved your two class photographs. You look totally squishilious. And I also loved you were called dodo because of your interest in history and weird facts. It's brilliant. People remember that kind of interesting personalities. :) I'll show you the Oxford photo of you with the dodo this weekend ok? 



How The Royal Navy's X-Class Midget Subs Helped Make D-Day Possible
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How The Royal Navy's X-Class Midget Subs Helped Make D-Day Possible

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