Tuesday, September 29

Strange Sandboxes: Unusual Writing Habits of Five Famous Authors


These were funny stories about how writers write. I'm starting to do research and have been spending time in the library and at home writing. And it's an indescribable feeling. It's a high. You physically feel that you're on a different plane. I had the Same feeling when I used to code. Music in your ears and you write and type furiously. Words bubble out of your fingers. Your mind is whirring away like a top. Your fingers are typing furiously trying to keep up with the ideas. You flick Windows. You flip pages of the books. You look up at the ceiling. You stare blankly at the pen on your desk. And then dive back into writing. It's such a glorious feeling. Love it. 

Btw, observe how Mum writes. It's so cute and funny :) she gets very irate if you disturb her. Very cute :) 

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Strange Sandboxes: Unusual Writing Habits of Five Famous Authors
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Imagine telling your boss the only way you can be productive at work is after imbibing two or three glasses of sherry. Or by lying flat on your back with your knees tucked tightly toward your chest. Or perhaps in a bathtub brimming with soap bubbles. You'd probably be fired.

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